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About our MUSIC

"If vulnerability pulls at the heartstrings, then Rebecca L. Bolam shreds the aorta into a thousand pieces." - Independent Songwriter Magazine

Originally from the Midwest, Rebecca has been songwriting since age 11.  After moving to California to earn her degree in Composition/Vocal Performance from California Institute of the Arts, she has been working on independent recording projects ever since.

Upon recording her debut CD, Prime Directive (2003) she met engineer/producer James Bennett.  Together they formed the independent label, SupremeOverlordMusic.  Rebecca has gone on to release Rebecca L. Bolam and The Issues EP (2005) as well as the singles, Branches of Life (2006), What Are We Fighting For (2011), and The Day The World Went Away (2012).  Performing regularly in local independent bands and working as a private music instructor, Rebecca continues to write and record.

Rebecca's music is brutally honest, lyric driven indie rock.  You can hear strong classical influences as well as a diverse mix of rock and pop genres which leads to a very unique and eclectic collection of songs.


The Players Past & Present:

Rebecca L. Bolam - vocals, piano, keys, guitar 
James Bennett - bass, producer, engineer
Travis Daily - guitars  (Rebecca L. Bolam and the Issues EP, Branches of Life)
Tim Grove - guitars  (What Are We Fighting For, The Day The World Went Away)
Aaron Morrison - guitar 
Larry Goetz - guitars, producer, engineer  (Rebecca L. Bolam and the Issues EP, Branches of Life)
Cosmo St. Clair - guitar  (The Grifter - Prime Directive)
Aaron Rozenfeld - guitar  (Blue Man - Prime Directive)
Ed Via - drums  (Rebecca L. Bolam and the Issues EP, Branches of Life)
Andy Mendoza - drums  (Prime Directive)
Mike Chylinski - drums  (The Day The World Went Away)
Jay Wollenhaupt - drums  (Rebecca L. Bolam and the Issues EP)
Peter Straub - drums  (What Are We Fighting For) 
Dan Cantrell - accordion   (Blue Man - Prime Directive)
David Sage - viola, bass   (Blue Man, Tonight - Prime Directive, Branches of Life)
Todd Simon - trumpet   (Blue Man - Prime Directive)
James King - soprano saxophone   (Blue Man - Prime Directive)